The Adventurer Program

Once we completed the program for the Discovery Club, it was apparent to us that the Adventurer program needed to be enhanced to meet our needs. Right now we are piloting some new ideas.  Some of the material posted has not yet been completed or even tested, but some of you are anxious to have it now. Since our Discovery club meets once a month from 4:15-5:45 on the second Monday, and Patfinders meets nearly every week from 6:30-8:30, the Adventurer Program has a unique schedule.  It meets at the early time frame on the second Monday and from 6:30 - 8:00 on the fourth Monday.  This help families coordinate their time if they have children in more than one club.  The year is broken down into a Fall session (August to December) and a Spring session (January - May), for a total of 18 meetings.  A sample schedule is posted below.

If you have a small club the awards time can be combined (Busy Bee and Sunbeam together, & Builder and Helping Hand together).  One of the most dramatic enhancements we have made is with the Bible time line.  Each week the Adventurer adds a picture to their Bible time line and reviews the story.  Over the course of the four years they will have reviewed 76 Bible stories.  The time line is an excel file with events space correctly. The children can see how much time passed from Adam to the flood and how close together some other events are.  See the link at the right for more information.

We also make our own activity books.  Feel free to use them or write your own for your unique needs.  Just remember that we never give pins for less than the confernce prescribed work, but you can always add more.