Church Time Program

                  Dialog:  Each time we come we will learn  about the Church Service and how it is a special time that we need to be reverent.  Even if other children are not being reverent we want to set the example.  Let’s find out how we can show Jesus we love Him by being reverent.


Poem- “In God’s House”

When we go into God’s House upon the Sabbath day,

We go to hear His Holy Word and sing His praise and pray.

We must not run about or jump, We do not scream or shout;

We want to listen quietly And tiptoe in and out.

In Sabbath School we sit with friends Our Memory Verse we say.

In Church we sit with Mom and Dad It is our family’s way.

We listen to the Pastor speak about our Father’s love.

We want to learn His plan for us, To live with Him above.


Dialog:  After Sabbath School each week it is time to go to church. (Put up the felts as you go) The big room upstairs is called the sanctuary.  When we go into God’s house we must walk quietly like this. (demonstrate).  Let’s all practice as we sing.


Song-”This Is the Way we Walk in Church” (have children walk carefully as they sing)

This is the way we walk in church Walk in church, walk In church

This is the way we walk in church  Every Sabbath morning.

Dialog: When we go in, we must sit quietly and be quiet too.  This is Jesus house, and we want to be reverent.  People come to church to hear about God and to listen to the music.  It can be very hard for little boys and girls to sit quietly in church.  Let’s practice now and see how quiet we can be. (Be quiet for a short while. )  You can take one of our special church chairs to help you sit quietly. (Show chair) We need to remember that Jesus wants us to be reverent in His house.


Song-”Jesus’ House”

This is Jesus’ House This is Jesus’ house

How I like to come to Jesus house.


Dialog:  In  church there are times we sit down, and times we stand up and sometimes we kneel. We sometimes stand while we sing.  I like to sing when I’m in church don’t you?  Let’s stand together and hold our music books while we sing. (Pass out music books)


Song-”The Church” (Have music books for the children to hold)

The church is the place where people come to sing for God together.

Walk softly, Talk softly, (Repeat)


Dialog:  Another part of the church service is prayer. Prayer is the time that we talk to God.  When we pray we need to be especially reverent.  We kneel and close our eyes.  Let’s kneel together as we sing. 


Song-”The Church” (Have children kneel with you as you pray)

The church is the place where people come to talk to God together,

Walk softly, Talk softly, (Repeat) Amen,

Dialog: One of the ways we show our love is by sharing our money with Jesus.  God asks us to return one-tenth of our money to him in tithes, and we give offerings as well too. The money we give  helps people in many ways.  It pays to keep the church building nice, and buys us Sabbath School supplies. It also helps people learn about Jesus.  The deacons pass the offering baskets and we can put our money in.  Today _______ is going to be our deacon.


Song-”The Church” (Give children play or real money to put in the offering plate.  Use the real offering plate from the sanctuary if possible)

The church is the place where people come to bring love gift for Jesus,

Walk softly, Talk softly, (Repeat)


Dialog:  The most important reason we come to church is to hear about God, and learn what the Bible says.  We have a special time in our service just for the children.  You go up to the front and there is a special story time just for you.  Let’s bring our children up to the felt board to show how you walk to children’s story.  Remember this is a really important time to show Jesus how reverent you can be.  Everyone in the church can see how you behave.


Song-”The Church” (Have the children bring the felt children to the board. If they do not walk quietly, repeat) The church is the place where people come to learn about the Bible.

Walk softly, Talk softly. (Repeat)  


Dialog:  During the sermon for the mommies and daddies, is your time to have a quiet book.   Mommies and Daddies have worked very hard all week and they need to be able to rest and listen to the word of God.  Let's practice looking at our quiet books while we sing.


Song-”The Preacher Talks” (Give each child the church’s quiet bags or felt Bibles)

The preacher talks, the preacher talks,

The preacher talks about Jesus

The preacher talks, the preacher talks,

And I must be very still.