Bible Buddies Children's Church Program

For Children ages 2 - 5

The Children’s Church program in our church is run entirely by church members who do not have children in the program.  The primary purpose for its development was not to develop another program for the children, but to give the parents time once a month to be able to listen to the sermon uninterrupted.   Our young mothers run the Sabbath Schools and the AY Clubs, and they deserve a break for adult refreshment. After an initial introduction for a new child, parents are expected to return to the sanctuary.   I recruit primarily grandmothers and mothers of whose children are grown.  I believe that families need to sit together in church, so parents of teenagers are encouraged to be in church with their young people.  For the same reason, I do not use teenagers for this ministry.

The Children’s Church programs meet once a month.  On Children’s Church Sabbaths, the Children’s story is omitted from the service and in its place there is a short health tip just before the sermon.  Children are dismissed from the  sanctuary just prior to the health tip.  The program usually lasts from 45—60 minutes.  It is divided into two levels.

“Bible Buddies” for children ages 2-5

“Bible Explorers” for children ages kindergarten through 4th grade, coordinated by our Youth Pastor’s wife.

(Young people 10 and over (Pathfinder Age) are expected to be in the regular service.)

The Bible Buddies program began as just a glorified baby-sitting time, but as the other programs in the Children’s ministry blossomed, it was clear that this precious time with these young ones should not be wasted.  We also saw a need to teach proper Church etiquette to our little ones.  Many of the items used in the program come from other programs in our church. It not only offers reinforcement of the concepts, it allows for sharing of supplies. 

The program consists of the following sections.

Opening Program-Using some of the same songs used in the Cradleroll and Kindergarten Sabbath Schools

Virtue Theme Program-Centered around the book "First Virtues for Toddlers" by Mary Simon, each month features a separate theme.  The story is read and there is a poem and action song that completes the theme.  We also have a take home sticker page that reinforces the theme and memory verse.

Church Time Program-takes the children through a mock church service teaching them when to stand or sit and how to be quient during the sermon.

Closing and Snacks: After the closing we provide some healthful snacks including fresh fruit.

If there is extra time remaining (the sermon runs long) we have a bubble machine that the children enjoy.


You may view the components of the program using the links to the right.  The chosen files can then be printed from the printable files page.