The Spring Program

The Cradleroll Spring program runs from March - May.  It is important to decorate the room for the season.  Keep the decorations on the lower half of the walls. For this young age, they don't look all the way up.  Since  the scenery changes only four times a year, you can spend a lot more time being creative.  It is important for the parents to see that you care about the program.


The picture above is the set-up we use.  It is made from a wallpaper mural scene mounted on plywood. The center section is 4 x 6 feet and each of the side panels is 4 x 3 feet.  The sides are attached with hinges and set at a 45 degree angle.  This makes a sturdy free standing backdrop. In the forground astro-turf is placed over styrofoam slabs and then artifical flowers are pushed through. This makes a three dimentional effect which is important to the perception of very young children.  The spring program is listed below.  For a printable version of the program and the music for the piano, go to Cradleroll Printable files.


Spring Theme Program

 Song- Head and Shoulders (twice)                                 

Head and shoulders, knees and toes,                Touch body parts as mentioned
Knees and toes, knees and toes.
Head and shoulders, knees and toes,
All of me for Jesus.                                              Stand tall and stretch arms out


Who  sends the showers;
Who makes the flowers;
Who sends the happy springtime
Listen if you want to know who
It’s Jesus! It’s Jesus.


When winter’s snowy blowy day                                   Show pictures as you recite poem
have gone away each year,
to tell us it is spring.
God sends to earth the lovely things
That tell us spring is here.
The blue of April sky.
He sends the falling silver rain
The rainbow arching high
The red and yellow tulip cups
 He send the trees their brand new leaves
to flutter in the breeze
and noisy chirping little frogs
Who hop where’ere the please
He send the gentle whispering wind
The bluebird on the wing
And peeping fuzzy baby chicks

 Sample Dialog 

Have you ever seen a puddle     Pass out cloud finger loops
on a sunny day magically disappear?
Where did the water go?
It evaporates and the water goes up
to the fluffy white clouds, and as they
get heavier and heavier they turn gray and

Song-The Raindrops Fall                                              (Motions)

The raindrops fall with a pitter patter pit                Clap
Pitter patter pit , pitter patter pit
The raindrops fall with a pitter patter pit
Showing God’s great love.

Poem-The Rainbow

I see the rainbow in the sky                                           Pass out rainbows
Each time the sun shines through the rain
It tells God’s promise not to send
A Flood on all the earth again
God keeps the promises He makes
And does the things He says He’ll do
I feel so safe each time I think
How God is always kind and true.

Song-See the Pretty Rainbow

See the pretty rainbow up in the sky                                  Rainbow fingerloops
Rainbow, Rainbow up in the sky
See the pretty colors Jesus made in the
rainbow up in the sky.

Fingerplay-The Seed (Motions)

God’s sunshine warms the little seed                    Make sunshine with arms overhead
The rain comes softly down                                   With fingers show rain coming down
They grow and grow until one day                         Bring hands near floor palms up
They burst right through the ground                     Bring hands higher
First the stem and then the leaves                        Slide one hand through the other
One by one the grow
Until the flowers blossom sweet                            Cup hands in tulip shape
Standing in a row.                                                  Repeat motion to show row

Song-Jesus Makes the Flower Grow (Motions)

Jesus makes the flower grow                                Crouch on floor
Jesus makes the flower grow                                Rise slowly
Jesus makes the flower grow                                Continue rising
Til it opens bright and pretty.                                Stall tall with arms outstretched

Fingerplay (Motions)

Here is the beehive.                                            Place fists together
Where are the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees;
Soon they come creeping out of the hive,
One, two, three, four, five.                                 Open fingers on one hand
Buzzzz................…                                                  as you count
Buzzzz................…                                                      as you count
Our father in heaven                                                  Point upward
Watches over the bees,                                             Place fists together
When they're hidden away,
Where nobody sees.
Or when they come creeping out of the hive,
One, two, three, four, five.                                    Open fingers on one hand

Song-Busy Buzzy Bees (Activity)

How I like to watch the busy buzzy bees                     use bee finger loops
the busy buzzy bees, the busy buzzy bees
How I like to watch the busy buzzy bees
Jesus make all the bees.

Song-Little Fat Caterpillar (Activity)

Little fat caterpillar crawling on the leaves                             use fingerloop caterpillars
Little fat caterpillar crawling on the leaves
Hump-Bump-Wiggle-Bump. Hump – Bump –Wiggle – Bump
Jesus mad the caterpillar crawling on the leaves.

 Poem-The Caterpillar (Activity)

Fuzzy little caterpillar Crawls around with all his might  Use Caterpillar to Butterfly Puppet
When the little caterpillar Found his furry coat too tight
So then a snug cocoon he made Spun of silk so soft and light
Rolled himself away within it And slept there day and night.
See how his cocoon is stirring Now a little head we spy
What! Is this our caterpillar Spreading gorgeous wings to dry?
Open close them, Open close them Flitter, flutter brightly by
Jesus changed our fuzzy friend Into a lovely butterfly.

 Song -Flutter, Flutter, Butterfly (Activity)

Flutter Flutter Flutterby                                          use butterfly fingerloops
Butterfly Butterfly
Jesus makes you flutter by
Pretty Butterfly

Sample Dialog

Tadpole to Frog                                         Use puppet to demonstrate

              Read Book

 Song-Little Froggy                                                       (Activity)

Little froggy likes to hop hop hop                                   Use stuffed frog and have it hop
hop hop hop by the ponds and the puddles                 around jumping on children’s laps
O the little froggy likes to hop hop hop                        Or allow children to jump
Jesus made the little froggy go hop hop hop.

Song-Little Bird Song (Motions)

Up up in the sky the little bird flies                                     Point upward
Down down in the nest the little bird rests                       Cup hands near floor
With a wing on the left and a wing on the right                Make wings
the dear little birdie sleeps all the long night                     Fold hands by head and close eyes
The round sun comes up the dew floats away                    Make sun over head
Good morning bring sunshine the little birds say                 Nod
How bright are the flower, how green are the wood,         Gesture right and left
Our heavenly Father how king and how good.                     Point upward

 Song-Colors (six times) (Activity)

Colors Colors pretty color                                                 Use felt birds and have children
________ is such a  pretty color                                     put the proper color bird on the
Jesus made the __________ birdies                               felt board or tree

just for you and me.