The Discovery Club

For 1 - 5 year olds

The Discovery Club is the answer for Adventurer want-to-bees. This program only meets once a month for 90 minutes during one of the Adventurer meeting times. (Our Adventurer club meets twice a month) It is divided into two parts with separate directors.  The Pre-Discovery Program is for one and two-year olds and is designed as a "Mommy and Me" class.  The main Discovery Club for 3, 4, and 5 year olds does not require the parent to stay as several of the mothers either are with the Baby Birds or teach one of the other levels.  There are always plenty of parents who do stay that can assist the teacher.  The Discovery Club, like its big brothers (Adventurers and Pathfinders) has uniforms, scarves and sashes. Below is a synopsis of the programs, and the links at the right will take you to specific club components.

For 1 & 2 year olds (A Pre-Discovery Program)

              The Baby Birds level of the Discovery program is a brand new concept originated by Lyndene Wright and piloted by the Rolling Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church in Southern California. It is currently being used by a few other churches, and is now available for a larger audience.  It uses the church’s Pre-Adventurer curriculum as a model to develop a program for the younger children. A sample of the activities in the following topics  includes:

My God

Bible stories from Jesus, songs and prayer

My Family

Obedience, Helpfulness, Sharing, Thankfulness and Love through songs and actions

My World

Colors, Nature and Geography

My Self

Leaning the five senses and spatial concepts

Lessons are taught through familiar Sabbath School songs and activities.  Time is included for crafts and games. The Baby Birds meet in a self-contained environment, separate from the rest of the Discovery Club.  Parent participation is required.

For 3, 4, & 5 year olds (The Main Discovery Program)

              The Discovery program expands on the church’s pre-adventurer curriculum to teach skills in a Bible-based program. The classes are:

  • Little Lambs               3 year olds
  • Curious Cubs             4 year olds
  • Eager Beavers            5 year olds

My God

Bible & Character Stories, Memory Verses and Prayer

My Family

Obedience, Heritage, Chores, and Kitchen Fun

My World

Alphabet, Numbers, Shapes, and Colors, Nature  & Geography

My Self

Body Awareness, Physical Skills, and Manual Dexterity

Lessons are taught through a variety of techniques, including workbooks, puzzles, crafts and games.  The Discovery Club meets in a self-contained environment, and children are encouraged to begin to develop independence. Parent participation is optional.

Children in both classes will receive scarves at an induction ceremony which will be worn with the dress uniform.  Throughout the year children in the Discovery Club will earn awards for achievement, which will be worn on an honor sash.