Earliteen Sabbath School Program

For young people from 6th - 8th grade

Our Earliteen  program is in development.  The program is broken into two componants:

Main Program- 25 minutes: In Development: Currently we are working on some ideas to teach the background of each book of the Bible covering the 66 books each year, and then do a segment on "Defending Your Faith"  which will include topics such as Creation vs. Evolution and the Inspiration of the Bible.

Bible Lesson Time- 35 minutes: We recommend "My Bible Says" which can be ordered at mybiblefirst.org.

The following information is posted from their website:

Junior/Teen Bible Lessons
  • For ages 10 and up.
  • 3-year cycle.
  • Presents the plan of salvation in chronological order, from Genesis to Revelation, in the context of the Bible stories.
  • Bible doctrines are also presented in the context of the stories.
  • The last two quarters cover the Reformation and Early Advent church history.
  • Weekly lessons are divided into six daily sections with application questions.
  • Every lesson includes an activity page and a simplified timeline.
  • Includes references from the Bible and the Spirit of Prophecy.
  • Actual size: 5.5 x 11.