Jesus  Walks  Among  the  Lampstands 

 A Study of the History of the Christian Church

  1. Introduction & The Apostolic Church (31-100 A.D.)
  2. The Persecuted Church (100-313A.D.)
  3. The Compromised Church (313-583 A.D.)
  4. The Corrupted Church, Part 1 (538-1517 A.D.)
  5. The Corrupted Church, Part 2 (538-1517 A.D.)
  6. The Corrupted Church, Part 3 (538-1517 A.D.)
  7. The Reformed Church, Part 1 (1517-1755 A.D.)
  8. The Reformed Church, Part 2 (1517-1755 A.D.)
  9. The Missionary Church (1755-1844 A.D.)
  10. The Lukewarm Church, Part 1 (1844-End)
  11. The Lukewarm Church, Part 2 (1844-End)


In May, 2009, Pastor Shawn Boonstra, speaker of the It Is Written television program, held an evangelistic series at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, CA.  As a follow-up to these meetings  I presented a seminar series at the Rolling Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church.  Revelation 1 describes a glorified Jesus walking among seven lampstands, which are identified as seven churches.  While these were seven literal Christian churches, Christians have long believed that these churches also represent seven periods of time in the history of the Christian church.  Jesus is therefore overseeing the church throughout its history.  This is the theme of the series.

Presenting an evangelistic series on Daniel and/or Revelation has long been common among Adventists and other Christians.  During such meetings, the evangelist will often refer to historical events in order to demonstrate the fulfillment of prophecy.  My approach is just the opposite.  I have presented a eleven-session course on the history of the Christian Church.  And I have use the prophecies of the Seven Churches, the Seven Seals, and the Seven Trumpets to demonstrate how God has not only prophesied accurately about future historical events, but how He has related to these churches throughout history.

My goal has been to more completely explain historical events that are covered by prophecies.  I have attempted to answer questions that people might wish to have more fully explained.  For example, why, exactly, is the year 538 so important that it is considered the beginning of the 1260-year prophecy?  Why is it that the Church of Sardis, which begins with the inspiring Protestant Reformation, is said to be "dead" by Jesus?  What caused the "awakened" church of Philadelphia to become the "lukewarm" church of Laodicea?

Both the PowerPoint presentations and the handouts -- which are based upon the speeches, themselves -- are available on this website.  I hope that you will find these presentations interesting and inspiring.  If you have any questions regarding what is presented in these presentations, please contact me.  I will do my best to answer your questions.  If you are interested in having the seminar presented in your church, I am available on a limited basis. May the Lord bless you.

--Richard Wright