Junior Sabbath School Program

For Children from 3rd - 5th grade

Our current Junior group is 3rd - 5th graders, but the program can easily be used for an older group. I would not recommend it for those younger than 3rd grade.

The program is broken into three componants:

Opening Program- The Opening includes a short devotional story and text followed by a prayer.  There is a Mission story and offering, as well as songs and a Bible sword drill.  See the link at the right for a sample program.

Bible Lesson Time- We recommend "My Bible First Lessons" which can be ordered at mybiblefirst.org. For this group we actually use the Primary lessons and use the "My Bible Says" for the Earliteen Sabbath School.

Theme Program- The Theme program incorporates the 28 doctrines of the Seventh-day Adventist church.  These are based on the book by Jerry D. Thomas.  They were originally published in the Primary Treasure and have since been published in book form.  I recommend that each of the juniors would eventually have a copy of the book.  It could be given as a birthday gift, or as a promotion gift. The program consists of an introduction to the doctrine, song and activity.  See the link at the right for a sample program.