Preschool Sabbath School Program

 For Children from 3 years - Pre-K 5 year olds

It is a one hour program that is broken down in the following manner:

  • Opening Program        15 minutes (There are two programs which rotate)
  • Lesson                        20 minutes (We use "My Bible Stories" from
  • Theme Program          20 minutes (Changes bi-monthly and focuses on 6 of nature's habits)
  • Dismissal                      5 minutes (Children return to tables to get Memory Verse Magnet and finish the coloring sheet.)

The themes are:

  • January & February      The Arctic
  • March & April            The Desert
  • May & June                  The Jungle
  • July & August               The Ocean
  • September & October   The Grasslands
  • November & December   The Mountains

Opening Programs:

There are two different opening programs that change bi-monthly on the even months.  Since the theme programs change on the even months, the children never come to Sabbath School to a completely unfamiliar program.  Even though these children are older than the Cradleroll group, repetition is provided to give them security and comfort while they transitition to a Sabbath School where the parents can leave them.  See the printable files for the details.

Lesson Time:

The My Bible Stories are ordered from  These are advertised as Cradleroll lessons, but since I write a more simplified quarterly for our 0, 1 and 2 year olds, we find they work quite well for 3 and 4 year-olds, as well as our pre-K 5's. The information below is copied from their web site.

The ministry of My Bible First! began in the year 2000 when a small group of dedicated Sabbath school leaders began earnestly praying for the children in their local Seventh-day Adventist church. They especially felt the need for Bible lessons that would... 

    • Effectively reach the children and their families.
    • make each Sabbath school department a center of evangelism.
    • give children a better understanding of Biblical history and a solid foundation of Biblical truth.
    • help children understand the plan of salvation and the great controversy.
    • assist families in establishing regular, vibrant, life-changing worships.
    • make the Bible stories practical for every-day life.
    • help their precious children know their loving, heavenly Father and devote their lives in service to Him.

God answered their prayers through a godly woman in their church who was thoroughly committed to the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. A missionary for many years, she helped begin the child evangelism work in what was then called the Far Eastern Division. She had extensive experience in working with children, and knew how to reach the heart of a child through her gift of writing. When asked to write Bible lessons, she agreed. The children and their families loved the lessons. Others soon learned about them and wanted them for their families and churches, too.From this small beginning, God has greatly blessed and expanded the ministry. Now materials are being used by hundreds of Seventh-day Adventist churches and thousands of families across North America and around the world. Translation into multiple languages is in progress. It is our prayer that these materials will strengthen your home and church and help them be the light of your community, and prepare your family to meet Jesus when He comes again soon.

For lesson time we divide into small classes of 4-6 children.  We teach the lesson using Bible Felts from The younger the child, the more important it is to have the same teacher each week.

Theme Program:

We are told that nature is God's "second lesson book" after the Bible. The goal of these programs is to show God's love through nature.  Using the link at the right, you can download the programs.   Each Habitat Theme Program contains 10 songs,  but only 18 tunes are used for all of the 6 programs. The most of the music can be found in "Little Voices Praise Him" or "Little Songs For Living With Jesus" which can be ordered from  By using fewer tunes, the children (and teachers) will pick up the songs more quickly.