The Pathfinder Program

        The Pathfinder program is a fully integrated educational program to supplement your child’s regular school curriculum, including spiritual emphasis.  The program consists of weekly meetings, and monthly Sabbath activities at which the dress uniform is worn.  There are also be scheduled conference activities and club activities including:  camp-outs, community services and Share-your-Faith opportunities.

         Pathfinders earn points for attendance, uniform, and achievement toward “Pathfinder of the Year” awards,. Each club in the conference receives points toward the “Club of the Year” trophy. This is based upon the participation of the entire club.  The Pathfinder program admits new members only twice a year, and attendance is required.  If parents are not committed to the program regarding the attendance or activities, their child may be dropped from the program at the staff’s discretion, so that the whole club is not penalized.

         Young people are inducted into membership, usually in the second month of enrollment. This is a  dress uniform porgram. During the ceremony, they will be invested with the Pathfinder Club scarf and pin.  The new member will take a pledge to support the program.


The Pathfinder Curriculum Levels

 Friend, Companion, Explorer, Ranger Voyager, Guide                 

Each level also has advanced requirements

Each level has learning activities in each of the following areas:

Personal Growth-Involvement, Commitment & Growth

Spiritual Discovery-Scripture, Church Heritage, Christian Heritage

Serving Others-One-to-One, Group Witness, Community Outreach

Making Friends-Building Relationships, Christian Lifestyle, Good Citizenship

Health & Fitness-Health Principles, First Aid, Fitness/Exercise

Youth Organization-Leadership, Awareness, Programming

Nature Study-Spiritual Lessons, Nature Appreciation, Nature Study

Outdoor Living-Knots, Safety Rules, Camping Skills

Honor Enrichment-Arts & Crafts, Vocational Arts,Swimming, Recreation & Outdoor Skills,

      Each Pathfinder will be begin with Friend and progress through the classes.  Most Pathfinders will complete one class each year.  For Pathfinders that enter later than 5th grade, opportunities will be available to accelerate through the program.  Pins are awarded at the completion of each level, and Pathfinder Honor Patches are awarded semi-annually for achievement in specific areas.  These will be worn on the  Pathfinder’s sash.